Zodiac Wheel Slots


Zodiac Wheel slots is an exciting virtual slot machine with an astronomical theme. The design of the game is made using images of constellations and other astronomical symbols. Below we have described the key features of the slot available in many online casinos.

Zodiac Wheel Slots: Specifications

Zodiac Wheel is one of the most popular video slots among stargazers. As the name implies, the 5×3 slot has an astrological theme. The game uses themed symbols, wilds, multipliers and scatters. The main jackpot in the game is 3000 Canadian dollars. The slot has an unusual Double or Nothing feature and five paylines. The theoretical RTP is around 96.45%.

The minimum bet for playing Zodiac Wheel slots in Canadian casinos varies from CAD 5 to CAD 15. Even though this slot is definitely not suitable for jackpot hunters, the exciting gameplay is guaranteed for everyone. You can even find a demo version of the slot on some gambling sites.

Slot Game

Slot Game Design

If you are one of those who start their day by reading a horoscope, then you will definitely like this game. As soon as the player starts the slot, they automatically start their space journey. Throughout the process, players contemplate a variety of astrological symbols, mysterious characters and zodiac signs. The graphics of the game from the famous brand EGT never ceases to amaze with their high quality, clarity and richness.


Audio Features

As you would expect, a mystical thematic soundtrack accompanies the gameplay. It further enhances the effect created by unsurpassed graphics. Thanks to this successful combination of visual and sound effects, players can be transported to the magical realm of astronomy for a while.

Casino Mobile

Mobile Experience

Almost all modern slot games boast flawless instant Zodiac slots online play function and compatibility with most mobile devices. The Zodiac Wheel is no exception. So regardless of the gambler’s location, whether it is the way home or lunch break, they can enjoy the game from any Android or iOS gadget.


Zodiac Wheel Game: Bonus Features

This game is filled with a variety of intriguing symbols, the fall of which can bring many surprises. Below we have described the most profitable symbols that will definitely bring a lot of value to the player.

  • Astronomer. The symbol of the astronomer occupies first place. If the player is lucky enough to see a combination of six of these symbols on one of the paylines, they get 60,000 coins.
  • Fortuneteller. This symbol has a value of 10,000 coins.
  • Telescope. If the gambler is lucky and this symbol appears on the screen, it will bring them up to 5000 coins.
  • Letters. Rune-inspired letters have the least value to the player. Their loss brings only up to 2000 coins.
  • Star cards and books. The player can get additional coins if the symbols of star charts and books appear on the screen. The reward can reach 2,000 and 10,000 coins, respectively.
  • Zodiac Wheel. This symbol on the screen means that players can replace it with any other symbol in order to get a winning combination as a result.

Bonus Rounds

As we said above, the game has an additional Double or Nothing feature. If the stars converge in favour of the player and they manage to land on a payline, the feature is activated. Next, the player has to guess what the card will be: black or red. If the answer is correct, the gambler can double his winnings.

In addition, with each spin of the virtual reel, the player gets closer to the chance to take advantage of the jackpot bonus round. The player chooses three of the 12 cards. If these cards are of the same suit, then the player gets a good bonus to the jackpot.

Zodiac Wheel Jackpot

One of the lucky ones can win the jackpot in the game at any time. When this function is activated, a second screen appears in front of the player, where 12 cards are located. Not seeing the suit, the player chooses three cards. If the cards chosen by the punter are of the same suit, they become winners and receive the main prize – the Zodiac Wheel jackpot.

The size of the jackpot depends on the face value of the cards. Clubs provide the minimum winnings, followed by diamonds in ascending order, and then hearts. Spades bring the maximum win.

How to Play Zodiac Wheel Slots

The gameplay is no different from other slot games. Each game starts with Zodiac slots login and placing bets. The player specifies the preferred amount and spins the virtual reel.

Usually, the player can choose from two game modes: start and stop the slot by pressing a button on their own or choose auto-start. We do not recommend choosing the second option, as this will lead to uncontrolled spending of the game budget. The winnings and their size depend on the combination of symbols that appear on the screen.

What We Like and Dislike About the Game

Despite some positive and very exciting characteristics, this slot has some disadvantages. We will talk about them below.

Slot ProsSlot Cons
Impeccable graphics and sound effects

Addictive gameplay and Double or Nothing feature

Ability to play on any device

Exciting theme
No progressive jackpot feature

Small maximum bet


Where should I play the Zodiac Wheel slot for real money?

This game is available on many gambling platforms. However, we recommend choosing only trusted and licensed ones for a safe gaming experience.

Can I play the Zodiac Wheel slot with Bitcoin?

Yes. Many online operators that have this slot game offer this payment option.